Lindsey’s Sabbatical by the Numbers

2,123 miles put on my faithful Toyota Tundra

21 States

48 Gas Stops

5 Hi Ho Silver Washings

11 Professional Bird Dog Trainer Interviews

33 Instagram posts

12 blog posts (2 more in the works)

Dozens of game birds harvested

Favorite Pandora playlist, “Chris Stapleton”

Best audio book, “A Gentleman in Moscow”

18 Friendly Dogs for Chaco and Tex to play with

10 different state hunting licenses

6 Campfires—I really wished I had more

4 hunting buddies slept in Hi Ho Silver

Hundreds of birds pointed

6 kinds of game birds: Chukars, Pheasant, Valley Quail, Bobwhite Quail, Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock and 5 species of ducks: Mallard, Teal, Pintail, Bluebills, Widgeon, Shovelers

1 Texas Whitetail Buck harvested

1 near miss in traffic

Dozens of retrieves by Chaco and Tex

3 ticks on my legs

61 nights in Hi Ho Silver

0 speeding tickets (Hard to get a ticket if you drive below the speed limit)

$1.95 Cheapest gas—in New Mexico

$4.59 Most Expensive gas–in California

Memorable Moments:  Campfires in Wyoming and Texas reflecting on the opportunities and goodness of life, hiking two hours in snow covered Peterson mountains to shoot one Chukar, Tex and Chako’s points.

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